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Before reading this story ( in fact, not fiction) I 'm warning you would like a lot of common aspects of the great stories here, as threesomes, gang bangs, etc, etc, just a little joke, which contains I hope the reader to the association. What's in a woman, xnnxx either in a wrap-around dress that shows a lot of legs xnnxx once in a while or even a short skirt woman, you look nice and smooth ride to dress the legs as advanced on the dress of the chair? . Safe with us humans anyway, your idea in the head as to what even more! ( The Promised Land, which is underwear, etc). How many of us find our eyes an effort to look beyond a womans legs, when we see the top half xnnxx or if you are lucky enough not to feel the thrill of anticipation at its peak, before waiting wet her lips.......... anyway I'm drifting away from the tip of my story. Last night Jane went to a local bar, I xnnxx asked Jane to wearsoftly in her red dress socks that I had bought for her love of honey, which has placed properly for several photos before we left. (In the shop on the website soon), were still in the bar we ended our drinks first, Jane went to the bar in the second round of buying clothes so short, it took a bit vague. Now who can not wear panties with that dress and when he went to the right distance to the bar I xnnxx could see population top visible under her dress. sat up, waiting to be served, but what happened then smiles. A screen showing a football game directly overhead at the bar, he moved back to see him, but they were behind all the 4 guys in their eyes to the screen, everything is normal lot, but I was one of Janes checks types look the ass, pulled out xnnxx a little and then actually took a picture of her ass wearing stockings legs your cell phone!. When Jane returned with the drinks he said he had admirer, told him what he did, so he said, laughing, 'and I hope that tonight will be a good time for my ass, I charge. ' A then went to the bathroom when he realized that ' her lover ' was now closer to subtle ways in which we sit, so much so that where under the legs Jane sat on the other, could not probably because more photos of the means. Needlesstosay when we got home we had great sex, talking about his ' fan' of what he did then, she saw the photos. Ok, not your usual story, perhaps a little tame, but I think it is true that sometimes a half- mocking look or see a beautiful pair of legs as erotic as anything on the screen. Id welcome any comments good or bad you download the photo of Jane in front of us out soon
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